Join the Travelista Blogger team!

The Travelista Blogger team is comprised of a group of female travelers who feel passionate about  globetrotting, food, wine, art, zip-lining, shopping, and all things fun. They are based around the US and Europe. Aside from writing for Travelista TV, they also curate their own blogs.

How To Apply:

  1. Submit the following items to travelistaattravelistadottv:
  2. Your updated biography in 2-4 sentences
  3. Travel photo and headshot photo, each not more than 1MB
  4. Link to your current blog. If you do not currently have a blog, send a travel writing sample, not more than 300 words.
  5. Social media profile links (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo)

You will hear from us within two weeks regarding your submission. If you are not accepted, no worries. Please re-submit within 60 days for consideration.

Once approved, you will be able to upload content to the Travelista platform and begin blogging or vlogging!

It is fundamental that your articles include quality photo and/or video. Your writings should be original, as should your media assets (photos and video).

Guidelines for new team members

Be familiar with what we’ve already published. If you wish to cover a destination that’s already been highlighted by us, you can still submit a proposal as long as you offer a different point of view. If you aren’t sure if the destination or topic has been covered, our editorial team will work with you.

PLEASE check the spelling, grammar and punctuation in your articles. Double-check your facts. It is never a good idea to submit unfounded and unreliable content. Submissions sent with numerous errors will not be considered for publication. We are all professionals here and wish that everyone upholds these standards.

What type of content is expected?
Bloggers are expected to contribute either City Guides or Editorial Contentyou will have the opportunity to be flexible between content. Please visit to follow our formatting for City Guides. Destinations that are not yet listed are strongly encouraged. Editorial Content allows for more creativity. You may share a bucket list, uncover hidden travel fees, review the top five international airlines or write a piece in response to a travel-related article in the news (to name a few).
What is the mainstay of the blog?
There are three main goals—we wish to (1) disseminate useful and interesting information to our loyal audience and new travelers, (2) promote user engagement, and (3) showcase talented bloggers to our travel audience and tourism partners. Whether it is a City Guide that tips people off to must-sees or an Editorial that helps travelers locate cheap eats in a given area, the blog post should anticipate our readers’ needs while piquing their interest. We’re all Travelistas, what would interest us?
How should you style our writing?
Genuinely! You will be selected based on your unique voice and ability to write about travel. Your tone should be conversational, but be aware of grammar and spelling.
How do you submit your blog entries?
Bloggers will submit their posts via WordPress. You will need to be familiar with WordPress or similar blog platforms. Upon accepting this role, you will receive log-in information.
Is there a word limit?
Yes, blog posts should not exceed 500 words.
May we include images?
Yes, quality original images are mandatory. Users are more likely to engage with content when rich media is included. We prefer if photos do not exceed 1MB.
How will the entries be shared?
Each blog post will be shared across Travelista TV’s social media channels. We also ask that each blogger share their work via personal social media accounts. For Twitter, please use hashtags #BlogTravelistaTV and #TravelistaTV as well as any other appropriate hashtags.
We hope to her from you soon! The Travelista blog lives at:


Andrea at Tikal Temple

Andrea at Tikal Temple

Teri at Cane Bay in St. Croix

Teri at Cane Bay in St. Croix